The secrets of Cullum Homes success

Cullum Homes know the pulse of the luxury home market for many years now. Even during the severe recession period, they stood in the mind of the luxury homebuyers.

They are the second-generation recognized construction company; all the aspect of the client experience includes the client care, service, renovations, remodeling, home construction, and architectural design

Cullum Homes have developed several projects in the last thirty years and offered a satisfying, creative and enjoyable experience to all the homeowners.

Know Cullum Homes famous projects

  • North Scottsdale
  • Desert Mountain
  • Silverleaf
  • Paradise Valley

Top ten reasons behind their success

  1. They are pioneers in the lock-and-leave lifestyle. However, they smartly embraced the trend of downsizing during the time of the recession. Again, they moved up the ladder when the trend This flexibility has allowed them to stand as the most preferred builders in the valley.
  2. Cullum Homes emphasizes on not taking the risk to stay on the top. When the people looked for low budget homes, they provided and for the luxury home buyers, they offered bigger houses. They go with the flow and do not swim against the tide, and that allows them to stay stable in the market. They know the technique to follow the customers and not to challenge the market.
  3. Apart from having areas that are “bar none,” Cullum Homes stay unique from the competitors because they have the ability move ahead with the new building techniques.
  4. They make use of the latest technology in ICF (Insulated Concrete Form). Fox Blocks are tremendously energy efficient. The DAIKIN AC system helps in proper cooling at the different zones across the home. Since they embrace every new technology that enters the construction industry, they are preferred by every luxury home buyer. When it is said that luxury home buyer, and then it is understood that they can afford the money. However, they will look for unique and lavish buildings. Certainly upgrading the new technology helps Cullum Homes to remain on the top.
  5. The company creates right traditional. They will plan houses based on the customer need. For instance, eighty percent the people in the Village at Mountain Shadows prefer to have a traditional touch on their properties.
  6. Cullum Homes has the pride of using the first Virtual Reality goggles. They also have the credit of using the BIM consulting.
  7. BIM means building information modeling it is a software that facilitates digital 3D modeling and information administration in the construction design process. They design exclusive homes making use of the BIM open source tool and satisfy customers building needs.
  8. The thirty years of experience in the industry has taught them several lessons, and they earned reputation with their consistent performance in all the situations.
  9. They understand the customer wants, design the buildings, and use the latest technology to make the design unique at an affordable price.
  10. Cullum Homes with its rich experience not only works in new construction but also helps in remodeling homes. Remodeling need is more than new homes, and few experienced professionals offer remodeling service.