Nanomedicine is a new word in the science and social life

Exciting possibilities with using nanotechnologies are opened for healthcare. The problem is that many methods and techniques are in process of trial and error, and only handful of them is actively used. Most of them do not have any proper names, so we call them, by and large, nanotechnologies.

First and foremost, drug delivery should be taken into account. One applicant has been developed that has ability to delivering remedy, light and even heat to cells that required it. It could be cancer cells or any other which suffer from disease. There are sort of engineered particles that tend to attach to affected cells and treat them directly till to full recovery. In that way, damage of healthy cells is avoided and let detect ill cells faster. Researchers are also elaborating sort of nanoprticles that could be used for defeat viruses. These nanoparticles, in fact, do not destroy molecules of viruses, but prevent them from increasing the quantity in the bloodstream. The successful results of such techniques have been shown in the labs.

As for using nanotechnology in diagnostic method, scientists consider that nano technologies could be used in ordinary lab check that could help to detect some affected cancer cells in the body. It was developed carbon sensor nanotubes which based on gel. This will show inflamed parts of body and then detect, find out cases that trigger them and treat illness. It happened with the help of the level nitric oxide in the bloodstream. Another example of applying nanotechnology in medicine is elaborated by researches of Michigan University. They have found the sensor that could detect low degree of cancer cells in the bloodstream. This kind of technology deals with fluorescent molecules which tag cancer cells and center of their highest activity. Thanks to such bioinstrumentation as highly-precise LIG Tech nano scope, scientists could observe how cancer cells react to both nanotubes and fluorescent molecules.

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However, not only cancer is the most crucial and vital disease nowadays, but also heart illnesses should not be underestimated.  The vast majority of people suffer from high pressure and heart attacks, so nanotechnology also offered some extraordinary outcome how to solve this problem. Researchers have tried a building delivery devices that transport drugs and nano devices to the place where harmful cells are occurred. In addition, self-assembling molecular stents, which help to support arteries, were contrived. So, there is likelihood that people, who have ill heart, should not worry about future perspective and live life to the fullest.

There is center for nanotechnology in the Arizona University. The point is that this organization can help disabled patients with the help of nano technologies. Professionals and scientists came up with idea of molecular prosthetics, which can repair or change defective cellular circumstantial. Furthermore, retinal and cochlear and bionic implants are also available. Artificial muscles, joints, tongues, noses, kidneys and other parts of body are also the result of nano technological process.

In conclusion, nanomedicine have occupied prominent place among place and successfully developed in such directions like delivery of remedy, diagnostic method, finding dangerous cells, helping with heart disease and using molecular prosthetics to assist disabled patient.