How can a No Win No Fee Agreement Help?

If you’ve ever had to deal with personal injury claims, then you’ve doubtless heard of it. Today with the Solicitors.Guru website and its materials on the No Win No Fee agreement we will try to get into the matter. There have been many advertisements regarding topic as well informing you that legal action can be taken easily with a small risk of incurring costs in such cases. However, what does the term exactly mean?

History of No Win No Fee concept

The No Win No Fee arrangements first came in to effect in 1995 in some court cases of England. It was allowed with the aim of helping people who fall in the middle class—the category of people between those who are very rich and can afford all costs and those who automatically qualify for legal aid because of their poverty. This agreement became even more powerful with the passing of the 1999 Access to Justice Act, which came into effect in April 2000.

What does the ‘No Fee No Win’ mean?

A ‘No Win No Fee’ is an agreement to begin with. Also known as Conditional Fee Agreements or CFAs, it is made between your solicitor and you when you bring your case to him. The agreement states that if your lose out on your claim, you do not need to pay the solicitor his due fees.

This agreement can be implemented in almost every case- from road accidents to health negligence complaints. No win no fee basis is also highly useful in personal injury claims.

Before your solicitor and you come to an agreement, you will need to provide authentic and detailed information of your claim to him. You should give him records and any other information that will support your claim. Your solicitor will then review each and every aspect of your case and then decide whether or not to take up your case on the No Win No Fee agreement. In this offer, you will suffer no financial losses if you do not win the claim.

However, if you are successful in claiming the compensation then you will need to pay a pre-determined percentage to your solicitor and a ‘success’ fee, the amount of which will be decided in the initial agreement itself.

Sometimes, solicitors may also charge you upfront for obtaining medical records, court fees and medical expert fees. However, you can have them covered if you have an insurance policy.

Finding the right solicitor for your No Win No Fee agreement cases

Don’t just hump the gun – research is important before you choose a solicitor to help you out.

Ensure that you understand each term, condition and consequence before signing the agreement. Have everything signed and recorded in writing- always. This will protect your back against any problem that might arise. There are many solicitors listed on the Solicitors Guru website that offer No Win No Fee option. Whether you are located in England, Wales or Scotland, this site will help you find the perfect solicitor to help you win your claims. What are you waiting for?