How can a No Win No Fee Agreement Help?

If you’ve ever had to deal with personal injury claims, then you’ve doubtless heard of it. Today with the Solicitors.Guru website and its materials on the No Win No Fee agreement we will try to get into the matter. There have been many advertisements regarding topic as well informing you that legal action can be taken easily with a small risk of incurring costs in such cases. However, what does the term exactly mean? Read More

The Emergence Of Polyurea

Back in the 80s of the last century the technical literature mentions the polyurea for the first time. Just then, as a result of a reaction injection molding techniques (RIM), used in the automotive industry in the manufacture of bumpers by Texaco Chemical (which became later in the Huntsman Corporation), instead of the traditional high molecular weight polyurethane polyols used polyetheramines – a substance similar to them, but containing the ends of macromolecules hydroxyl and amine groups. Read More